Sizzlers are also know as simmering granules which is a great alternative to wax melts. They are designed to give a strong scent throw over a shorter period of time.

1- 2 teaspoons last 2 burns approximately 6 hours which is amazing for such a small amount.


  • Vegan friendly
  • Cruelty FREE


Easy to use - easy to change. Sizzlers are made from natural salts, simply tip them away once the fragrance has diminished, your bin will smell great too!


Sample boxes contain 10 x 25g tubs. Always use a dry burner. NO water is required


Scents in each sample box include:

1 x 25g Sweet Orange

1 x 25g Black Raspberry & Vanilla

1 x 25g Clean Cotton

1 x 25g Fluffy Towels

1 x 25g Lemongrass

1 x 25g Honeydew Melon

1 x 25g Snow Fairy

1 x 25g Rock Salt & Driftwood

1 x 25g Roasted Marshmallow

1 x 25g Blue Slushie

Scented Sizzlers Sample Box 10 x 25g - Selection A